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The New Normal: Economic Uncertainty Drives Shift in Valentine’s Day Floral Purchases


Feb 13, 2024
People are looking for ways to spend less on Valentine’s Day due to the economy

As the operator of a floral shop in Grinnell, Stephanie Latimer has noticed a shift in Valentine’s Day purchases this year. People are scaling back on their traditional large bouquets of red roses and opting for smaller, more compact options instead. This trend is not unique to her shop, as Latimer is involved in the National Alliance of Florists Association and has seen similar purchase patterns across the United States.

Latimer attributes this change to the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic. “People are trying to save a little money,” she says. Despite this, business at her shop will still peak today and tomorrow as people rush to get their Valentine’s Day gifts.

The pandemic has also shifted people’s focus towards getting gifts after the football season ended Sunday, with many likely prioritizing other expenses during the holiday season. However, Latimer believes that despite these changes, people will still find ways to express their love and appreciation for one another on Valentine’s Day.

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