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The High Stakes of Meeting Customer Expectations: Overcoming Paradoxes in the World of Business

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
The Essential Role of Customer Science for CIOs

In today’s world, businesses face the challenge of meeting or exceeding customer expectations in order to avoid negative impacts. One example of this is the loss of $1.3 billion in market value that Snapchat experienced on February 21, 2018, after a negative tweet from celebrity Kylie Jenner about the app’s new layout. This incident highlights the high cost of failing to meet customer expectations and the importance of prioritizing customer satisfaction.

One challenge in the journey towards customer science is the presence of paradoxes. For example, while it is common for organizations to say “The Customer is King”, many lack a designated individual with the authority to ensure positive customer interactions. This raises questions about emerging positions such as chief customer officer or chief experience officer, and their roles in creating a culture focused on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Glenn Laverty, former president and CEO of Ricoh Canada, addressed this paradox by integrating customer experience metrics into every employee’s compensation structure. By tying compensation to customer satisfaction, Laverty was able to create a culture where everyone had a stake in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

At Boeing, there has been an indication that production throughput metrics have taken precedence over safety considerations. Customer science can help organizations create a balanced approach by aligning everyone’s compensation with customer experience metrics. This would allow businesses to leverage data effectively in order to better meet customers’ expectations and improve overall satisfaction levels.

Claes Fornell, founder of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, has highlighted another paradox in customer science – despite organizations collecting more data than ever before, there seems to be a disconnect in understanding how to use this data effectively to improve customer satisfaction. As the emphasis shifts towards customer science, it is essential for businesses to prioritize effective data analysis and utilization in order to create meaningful improvements for customers.

In conclusion, meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations is crucial for businesses today as they face numerous challenges such as social media influence and loss of market value due to negative reviews or tweets from celebrities like Kylie Jenner. Organizations need to address paradoxes such as lack of designated individuals with authority for positive interactions or disconnect between data collection and utilization for improving satisfaction levels effectively using emerging positions like CCO/CEO or leveraging data analysis skills as part of employee compensation structure respectively at Boeing company where production throughput took precedence over safety consideration can be seen as an example

By Samantha Jones

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