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The High Cost of Flight Attendant Jobs: Austrian Airlines’ Struggles with Low Salaries and Limited Resources

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
The AUA is struggling to locate individuals

Austrian Airlines employees have been struggling with low salaries for a long time, and many of them have quit the company after a few years. The discrepancy in salaries between Austrian Airlines and its parent company Lufthansa is seen as too large, and this has affected the ability of Austrian Airlines to find long-term employees.

One of the main challenges faced by Austrian Airlines employees is living expenses. Many colleagues need to rely on cars for transportation since public transportation options are limited, which puts a strain on their finances. Some employees even moved back in with their parents or had to be dropped off at work by family members due to financial constraints.

Another issue raised by the union Vida is better meal options and hotel facilities. The physical demands of the job are highlighted, with flight attendants needing to stay fit to perform their duties effectively. Amenities like a pool are seen as essential for maintaining physical health, and challenges faced by employees with regards to food availability and rest times were also mentioned. These factors affect the ability of flight attendants to perform their job effectively.

In summary, Austrian Airlines employee emphasized that adequate compensation, rest, and physical fitness are essential for performing the job effectively and ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers. The company needs to address these issues if it wants to retain its long-term employees and improve its performance as an airline company.

By Samantha Jones

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