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The Escalating Danger of Russia’s Drone Attacks on Ukraine’s Civilian Infrastructure


Feb 13, 2024
Kiev Claims Russian UAVs Struck Ukraine, Damaging Dnipro Thermal Power Plant

On the night of February 13, Ukraine reported that the Russian military launched an attack using drones. The attack caused significant damage to a thermal power plant in Dnipro, leaving a part of the city without electricity and water. The Ukrainian military claimed to have shot down 16 out of 23 Shahed drones in the Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson regions. However, eight ATSs were not reported. The mayor of Dnipro, Boris Filatov, condemned the attack as an act of aggression against civilian infrastructure.

Despite Ukraine’s claims that they shot down most of the Russian drones, there were reports of widespread disruption and damage to the targeted areas. Mayor Filatov strongly condemned the attack, accusing the Russian military of deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure. However, Russia has consistently denied these allegations. Despite this denial, evidence of the damage caused by the attack looms large.

The aftermath of the night’s attack left Dnipro reeling from significant damage caused to its thermal power plant and resulting loss of electricity and water for a section of the city. The armed forces reported that they successfully intercepted most of the drones, mitigating some but not all impact on affected regions.

The Russian side has repeatedly denied claims that it targets civilian infrastructure. Despite this denial, evidence suggests otherwise as civilian infrastructure such as power plants are being hit during these attacks.

Overall, this attack highlights how dangerous escalation between Russia and Ukraine can be for civilians living in these affected areas. It is crucial for both sides to cease hostilities and work towards a peaceful resolution to prevent further harm to innocent people caught in crossfire.

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