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The Dark Side of Prop Bets: How Sports Betting Threatens the Integrity of College Athletics and Fans Alike

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
NCAA calls for states to prohibit player prop bets, with support from all other sports.

In the world of team sports, it can be challenging for a single player to sway the outcome of a wager. However, when the bet is centered on an individual athlete’s performance in a specific game, the stakes become significantly higher. This is the essence of prop bets, which are wagers tied to a player’s performance in a particular game. In my opinion, these types of bets undermine the true spirit of sports and reduce players to mere props in a gambling environment, similar to how dice or cards are used in casinos.

Prop bets also carry the risk of outside interference, as individuals may attempt to manipulate players into exiting games early with fake injuries in order to impact the outcome of their wagers. The NCAA has expressed concern about maintaining the integrity of these types of bets and has encouraged states to ban them involving college athletes. NCAA President Charlie Baker emphasized this need, stating that protecting student-athletes and preserving the sanctity of sports is essential.

The potential for abuse goes beyond just players themselves, as fans who place bets on athletes may react negatively if they do not meet their expectations. While banning individual prop bets across all sports would be ideal, it is unlikely due to financial implications for leagues like the NFL. The NFL benefits financially from sports betting through sponsorships and team owners with stakes in sportsbook companies. Despite these risks, there may be some financial incentives that prevent significant changes from occurring in the near future.

In conclusion, while prop bets offer an added level of excitement for gambling enthusiasts, they have significant drawbacks that could harm both players and fans alike. It is crucial that we prioritize protecting student-athletes and maintaining the integrity of sports above financial gain to ensure that our passion for sports remains unspoiled by gambling interests.

By Samantha Jones

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