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The Art of Imagination in Sports Graphics: How Unreal Engine is Transforming the Industry with New Possibilities

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
The Influence of Umbrellas on Creative Philosophy in Sports

The live graphics industry has been transformed by Unreal Engine, a 3D computer graphics game engine. This revolutionary technology has challenged traditional thinking and opened up new possibilities for sports-graphics designers. In a roundtable discussion, industry leaders analyze the game-changing influence of Unreal Engine on imagination and creativity within sports graphics.

The discussion features Komal Bhukhanwala, CBS Sports Senior Art Director, Arturo Brena, KÊexFrame Founder and CEO, and Barton Damer, Already Been Chewed Founding Artist, Creative Director, and Owner. Moderated by JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports VP of On-Air Graphics and Design, the conversation delves into how Unreal Engine is redefining creative boundaries and shaping the core of creative thought for professionals in the sports graphics field.

This presentation was originally delivered at the 2024 SVG Sports Graphics Forum in New York City on February 21. Viewers can watch the discussion on SVG PLAY, which serves as a hub for all Sports Video Group live event and long-form video content. SVG members and sponsors can easily access panels, case studies, keynotes, and more in one convenient location by visiting SVG PLAY.

Unreal Engine has revolutionized the live graphics industry by introducing new possibilities that challenge traditional thinking in the field of sports graphics design. With its powerful 3D computer graphics capabilities, it has opened up new avenues for designers to explore their creativity and push boundaries beyond what was previously possible.

During a roundtable discussion featuring industry leaders such as Komal Bhukhanwala from CBS Sports Senior Art Director to Barton Damer from Already Been Chewed Founding Artist to JP LoMonaco as moderator from CBS Sports VP of On-Air Graphics and Designs; they analyzed how Unreal Engine’s impact on imagination and creativity within sports graphics is reshaping the way professionals approach their work.

Unreal Engine’s influence is not only limited to traditional thinking but also extends to how people perceive sports graphics. The engine’s ability to create realistic visual effects that are immersive makes it an ideal tool for designers who want to create unique experiences for viewers.

In conclusion, Unreal Engine has brought about significant changes in the live graphics industry that have challenged traditional ways of thinking in this field. It has opened up new possibilities that have pushed designers beyond their limits while creating immersive experiences that engage viewers like never before.

Viewers can watch this insightful discussion on SVG PLAY which serves as a hub for all Sports Video Group live event

By Samantha Jones

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