• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

TGL Season Postponed until 2025: Arena Damage Forces Woods and McIlroy to Cancel


Nov 21, 2023

The inaugural season of the tech-powered, team-based golf competition TGL has been delayed until 2025 due to damage to its planned venue in Florida. The structure’s roof deflated due to a failure of the temporary power system and backup systems, leading to weather damage.

The decision to delay the first event by a year has caused disappointment, as the original schedule was planned around participating players’ PGA Tour calendars and broadcast partner ESPN’s programming slate. However, TMRW Sports chief executive Mike McCarley stated that their steadfast belief in the success of TGL and alignment with the decision to postpone the inaugural season will allow them to regroup and return with the best product possible at their preferred time on the sports calendar.

Rosalyn Durant, executive vice president of programming and acquisitions at ESPN, also commented that they have believed in TGL and its vision from the beginning and that additional time to plan, test, and rehearse will only make it better. She added that they look forward to launching the inaugural season on ESPN.

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