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Survival Game of the Year: The Planet Crafter’s 1.0 Release, Co-op Update and New Features Exciting Players


Feb 11, 2024
The Planet Crafter: Co-op Mode and 1.0 Release Coming This Year for Open-World Survival Narrative

The year is set to be a big one for survival crafting game The Planet Crafter, with the 1.0 release of the Early Access game and the development of a cooperative multiplayer mode both on the horizon. The developers at Miju Games have always envisioned the game as being enjoyable to play with friends, and are excited to bring the multiplayer mode to life.

Since its Early Access development began in March of 2022, The Planet Crafter has come a long way, with an impressive 96% Positive player reviews on Steam. In the game, players act as space explorers sent to a barren world, where they must create a habitable environment for human life. The game starts with the basic necessities for survival and progresses to turning the atmosphere into a sustainable biosphere.

In addition to the full release and co-op update, Miju Games also plans to introduce mammalian life in 2024. They have teased new portal generators that will allow players to explore procedurally generated planetary wilderness and spaceship wrecks for loot. The game has been noted for its Subnautica vibe and non-violent gameplay, making it a unique addition to the survival crafting genre.

The Planet Crafter is available on Steam for those looking to embark on an intergalactic adventure of survival and cooperation.

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