• Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

Super Bowl Ads Catapult Temu to the Forefront of Online Shopping: The Story Behind the New Pronunciation Controversy


Feb 13, 2024
The pronunciation of Temu is revealed in Super Bowl ad

The ultra-discount online retailer Temu has been making headlines lately, particularly following their recent purchase of three $7 million Super Bowl ad spots. However, instead of using their original name, the ad showcased a new pronunciation: teh-moo, rather than the intended “team up.”

Despite not being a complete rebrand, this change has certainly generated a lot of conversation about the brand. Social media users have been abuzz with comments and some have even questioned if they were dreaming. As a result, there has been a surge in search interest about Temu, with many people looking to learn how to “shop like a billionaire” and properly pronounce the name.

The estimated $21 million spent on the Super Bowl ads appears to be a smart investment, as it has generated a lot of awareness for the parent company PDD Holdings. In fact, they plan to continue to raise the profile of Temu with an ambitious $3 billion marketing strategy. Ultimately, their goal is to challenge Amazon in the US in the same way they have shaken up Alibaba in China.

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