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Steelers, Wilson and Tomlin “scalded” by past experiences, share determination for future success

BySamantha Jones

May 22, 2024
Russell Wilson Reflects on Denver Experience: I Wouldn’t Say it Scalded Me

The Steelers underwent significant changes on the offensive side of the ball this offseason. They hired offensive coordinator Arthur Smith and acquired quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. During the draft, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin spoke with Peter Schrager of NFL Media, expressing that all three men were “scalded” by their 2023 experiences. Tomlin noted that these experiences have left them with “something to prove” now that they are in Pittsburgh.

However, Wilson offered a different perspective during an interview with reporters from Steelers OTAs. He expressed that he wouldn’t say he was “scalded” by his past experiences, but rather that he had learned a lot and had grown stronger internally. Wilson emphasized the importance of using challenges and experiences to become the best version of oneself, showing resilience and determination for the upcoming 2024 campaign.

Despite the differing viewpoints on past experiences and mindset for the future, both Tomlin and Wilson acknowledge that the previous two years in Denver were a setback. Failing to correct this downward trend with the Steelers in the upcoming season may hinder Wilson’s ability to return to his peak performance levels from his time with the Seahawks. As a result, there is a shared understanding that there is a lot to prove in the coming months, regardless of how it is framed.

By Samantha Jones

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