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Smith Shines on Both Offense and Defense in Recent Match


Nov 21, 2023

Eighteen-year-old Hunter Smith is a senior at Central High School and a standout football player. In the recent game against Clearfield, he had an impressive performance that helped his team secure a double-overtime win in the PIAA Class 3A playoffs. Smith rushed for 191 yards and four touchdowns, caught three passes for 27 yards, scored another touchdown, led the team with 11 tackles, punted twice, and converted five extra-point kicks.

His impressive performance earned him praise from coach Dave Baker who stated that he did everything right at the crucial moments. Smith enjoys statistics as a subject and is taught by his favorite teacher, Mr. Logan. When he’s not on the field or in class, he can be found watching “The Wolf of Wall Street” or lifting weights. His favorite meal is chicken and rice, and his go-to sport is basketball. In his free time, he also enjoys playing video games.

Smith has big dreams for the future; he hopes to attend college and live a great life. He looks up to pro athlete Neil Walker and credits his family as being the most influential people in his athletic career. His proudest achievement was winning a state baseball championship earlier this year.

Overall, Hunter Smith’s performance on the field has been instrumental in leading his team to success this season. With their next game against Hickory in the PIAA quarterfinals on Friday, they will continue their pursuit of victory with Smith leading the charge.

Coach Dave Baker praised Hunter Smith’s recent performance in football where he excelled in rushing for 191 yards and four touchdowns while also catching three passes for 27 yards and scoring another touchdown.

Smith’s favorite teacher is Mr. Logan who teaches statistics which is one of his favorite subjects.

When not on the field or studying statistics with Mr. Logan, Hunter enjoys watching “The Wolf of Wall Street,” lifting weights at home or playing basketball.

Hunter’s go-to meal is chicken rice which he loves eating before any game.

In addition to excelling at football this season, Hunter has won state championships in baseball earlier this year.

Overall, Hunter Smith has been an integral part of Central High School’s success this season as they make it to the PIAA quarterfinals against Hickory on Friday.

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