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Small Businesses in Rhode Island Call for Federal Assistance Amidst Washington Bridge Challenges: A Hearing and a Call to Action for Improved Infrastructure and Transportation Solutions

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
Small Business Owners Testify Before House Committee on Impact of Washington Bridge

In light of the challenges faced by small businesses in Rhode Island due to the Washington Bridge, members of the House Committee on Small Business have called for increased assistance from the federal Small Business Administration. The committee discussed the impact of the bridge on local businesses during a hearing at Smith Hill, where Bob Burke, owner of Pot au Feu in Providence, testified about his restaurant’s decline in sales.

According to Burke, sales have decreased by 30% to 50% on what used to be busy Friday nights due to customers’ reluctance to sit in traffic in order to dine out. As a result, he has had to reduce his employees’ work hours. This reduction has had a direct impact on the restaurant’s operations and highlights the need for improved infrastructure and transportation solutions in the area.

In response to these concerns, members of Rhode Island’s congressional delegation sent a letter to the SBA requesting an update on the status of loan applications submitted and an increase in efforts to assist small businesses affected by the Washington Bridge. The delegation pointed out that only 10% of loan applications have been approved so far. They also requested information on the expected approval timeline for remaining loan applications.

By Samantha Jones

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