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Sitni Gornji School Van Crash Leaves Five Children Injured


Nov 21, 2023

A traffic accident occurred on the road connecting Srinjine and Gornje Sitno around 1:30 p.m. The school van involved in the accident was carrying five children and the driver. Initial information indicates that the children were transported to the hospital in Split, and there are no serious injuries. However, official information from the doctor is still awaited. The driver did not request medical assistance.

Zrinka Muzinić Bikić, vice-president of the HDZ Split and principal of the elementary school in Srinjine, commented on the condition of the road where the accident occurred. There were five students in the van, four eighth-graders and one third-grader, who were returning home after class. Muzinić Bikić expressed concern for the children and their families and stated that the children are in shock and are being examined at the hospital.

She also addressed the lack of protective fencing on the road, stating that she and her colleague had sent letters to the City multiple times regarding this issue, as well as the poor condition of retaining walls and vertical signage. Muzinić Bikić hopes that the City will take action to improve road safety in

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