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Shadow Accounts Revealed: Alleged Corruption and Organized Crime Through Illegal Financial Operations with Hermes System


Feb 10, 2024
Head of UIF Uses Hermes Tool to Unfreeze Drug Accounts

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Combating Corruption (FEMCC) has confirmed that a computer system called Hermes was used to remove hundreds of names of individuals and entities of interest from the national financial system, leading to the release of 975 bank accounts used by drug traffickers and front companies. After three years of research and data comparison, evidence has been found that proves the use of this system.

During a hearing held on Tuesday, FEMCC revealed that Financiera Planfía, which had been under special surveillance by the CNBV since 2017 and had its authorization to operate revoked in 2022, was used by organized crime groups to mobilize and hide resources of illicit origin. Charges were brought against the former head of UIF Orlando Suárez López and the former director of Regulatory Process at UIF, Mauricio Moreno Balbuena, for their alleged responsibility in operations with resources of illicit origin and improper exercise of public service.

According to the accusations, the defendants used letters to release 975 people’s accounts without complying with legal regulations. They also generated an official letter ordering 12 names to be removed from the list of blocked people, creating a mechanism for locating and monitoring resources from illicit activities. Additionally, there are mentions about casinos such as Bet Andreas and Glory (mobile) Casino.

The FEMCC stated that they will continue to investigate these cases further in order to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice.

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