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Serbian Singer Ceca Tours the World Despite Legal and Political Controversies


Feb 12, 2024
Arkana Ceca, a criminal turned singer and widow of a war criminal, refused to give up: ‘He protected Serbia…’

Svetlana Ražnatović, also known as Ceca, is a Serbian singer who gained international fame after marrying war criminal Zcarongeljko Razcaronatovi Arkan. Born in 1973 in Prokuplje, Serbia, Ceca has faced numerous legal issues and controversies throughout her career.

Despite these challenges, Ceca continues to perform and tour around the world. In March of 2023, she was invited to have a concert in Maribor, Croatia. However, not everyone was happy about the idea of having her perform there. Numerous posters were pasted around Zagreb criticizing her and calling for boycotts of her concert.

In response to the criticism, Ceca herself released a statement saying that she believes music transcends politics and borders. She stated that she is adored by Croats and that she is unshaken by extreme minority attacks. Despite this, three young people were filmed destroying the posters in Lanište and Dubrava.

In a recent interview, Ceca shared more details about her life with Arkan and the challenges they have faced together. She also spoke about how she handles negative publicity and plans to avoid Croatia in the future.

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