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Science Fair Returns to In-Person Presentations at Cunha Intermediate School: A Significant Milestone for the Community


Feb 12, 2024
Cunha Science Fair Welcomes Back Students and Community

The return of students, parents, and volunteer judges to the annual Science Fair at Cunha Intermediate School was a significant milestone for the community. This year’s fair was considered a “return to normal” by Cunha science teacher Kurt Murray, who expressed excitement at bringing the community back to the event.

For two years, students presented their projects through a powerpoint slideshow due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this year’s fair saw a refreshing return to in-person presentations. The poster boards at the fair showcased a variety of scientific studies, ranging from testing the strength of different brands of dental floss to whether teachers could distinguish assignments written by students or artificial intelligence.

Coastside News Group photographer Anna Hoch-Kenney captured the event, and the gallery is available for viewing. The return to in-person science fair presentations was a significant milestone for Cunha Intermediate School and the community.

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