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Rush Hour Tragedy in NYC: One Dead, Five Injured in Shooting on Elevated Train Platform


Feb 13, 2024
One person killed in shooting as gunman flees New York subway

A devastating incident occurred in New York City when a shooting took place on an elevated train platform in the Bronx, resulting in one death and five injuries at the start of rush hour. This tragic event occurred around 4:30 p.m., a busy time in train stations across the city where many children were returning home from school and commuters were starting their evening travels.

According to reports from authorities, a young man was killed in the shooting. The New York City Fire Department spokesperson stated that four of the five injured were taken to hospitals with serious injuries. At this time, the police have not provided further details about what transpired, but have announced a manhunt is underway for the shooter who fled the scene.

Witnesses to this tragic event described what they saw: “The train came and there were two children screaming,” said Efrain Feliciano, 61, to the Daily News. “There were at least six shots,” he continued. “I saw sparks when the bullets hit the wall. A woman was holding a screaming child in her arms.” The police suspect that the shooting resulted from an argument that ended with one person pulling a gun and are actively searching for the shooter or shooters.

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