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Rising Violence in Ecuador: A Battle Against Crime and Terrorism Continues

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
What is occurring in Ecuador? 
Is there a surge in violence?

Ecuador recently experienced a surge in violence, prompting President Daniel Noboa to declare an internal armed conflict on January 9. This declaration was made in response to three massacres carried out by hitmen that resulted in the deaths of 17 people and injuries to dozens more. The Attorney General’s Office of Ecuador issued a statement warning of attempts by criminal organizations to destabilize the country and obstruct ongoing investigations.

Between January and March 2024, the Ministry of the Interior and the National Police reported an increase in extortions and kidnappings, especially in the city of Guayaquil where the number of cases quintupled. The escalation of violence culminated in three massacres over the weekend, including an attack on Ecuadorian tourists in the province of Manabi and two separate incidents in Guayaquil.

The state of emergency, originally imposed for 60 days in January, was extended for an additional 30 days on March 8. It is unclear whether it will be extended further on April 8. The emergency measures militarized the streets of violent cities in Ecuador to combat gangs, which were designated as terrorists.

Despite these efforts, criminal activity continued to persist, leading to a new wave of violence over the weekend. Authorities have made arrests in connection with the crimes, seizing weapons from suspects linked to criminal organizations. The Attorney General’s Office is actively investigating these incidents and warned citizens about attempts by criminal groups to disrupt the country’s stability.

Ecuador’s security situation remains challenging due to structural issues such as corruption within law enforcement agencies. Despite this, President Noboa has promised to continue working towards improving public safety through increased investment in law enforcement and social programs aimed at addressing poverty and inequality.

It is important for Ecuadorians to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity they witness or experience. By working together with law enforcement agencies, citizens can help prevent further violence and contribute towards building a safer future for themselves and their communities.

By Samantha Jones

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