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Ridgeway Tankers Employs FuelTrust Technologies


Mar 17, 2023

Fuel Trust Technologies on Ridgeway Tankers

Mar 17, 2023 ten:20 AM by

The Maritime Executive

AI-enabled selections from Fuel Trust accurately measure fuel usage, carbon emissions, and return on cleantech investments.

FuelTrust, the technologies firm devoted to creating a trusted and sustainable fuel ecosystem for the maritime marketplace, has announced final outcomes of its operate with Ridgebury Tankers to validate emissions reductions for its fleet. Applying FuelTrust’s AI technologies, Ridgebury has established a carbon baseline for its Suezmax tanker, Ridgebury John Zipser, and assessed improvements in the vessel’s all round efficiency following a retrofit in 2019, demonstrating return on an investment in scrubbers as correctly as carbon savings.

Ridgebury appointed FuelTrust to assess fuel and operations facts from prior years for its tanker, comparing month-by-month and year-by-year all round efficiency to establish a baseline for carbon emissions, from which they could measure vessel improvements. The evaluation also showed the worth of a scrubber retrofit for the vessel and the impact of HFO fuel major high-quality on carbon emissions.

Evaluation applying FuelTrust’s AI-mainly primarily based Carbon Baseline answer has helped Ridgebury to have an understanding of, to the kilogram, the full emissions stack of the vessel, covering CO2, NOx, SOx, CAP and HAP emissions. At low expense, Ridgebury has been in a position to analyze the effects on vessel all round efficiency of installing a scrubber, a silicone hull coating, and acquiring bigger major high-quality fuels. The insights supplied to Ridgebury by signifies of FuelTrust’s technologies would previously have been doable only by applying an complete and pricey assortment of physical sensors and emissions-lab assessment consulting.
FuelTrust tends to make use of its patented artificial intelligence technologies to trace the hyperlinks in in between fuel bunkers at provide, by signifies of combustion and subsequently emissions. This straight away and reliably delivers insights into the major high-quality, density, GHG emissions, and the provenance of fuel. In an opaque bunkering business, specifically exactly where carbon emissions reports have been mainly primarily based on generalized estimates, FuelTrust’s AI analyzes the chemical interactions that take place all through onboard combustion to accurately report emissions.
FuelTrust’s approach goes beyond just applying a reduction in estimated emissions for each new piece of technologies fitted to a vessel. FuelTrust tends to make use of AI-mainly primarily based virtual models of engines, scrubbers, coatings, and other clean technologies when it analyzes ship all round efficiency. FuelTrust’s AI technologies can switch a exclusive virtual technologies ‘on’ or ‘off’ and observe outcomes for prior and future investments. It can hence present insights into investments in technologies, adjustments to operational practices and fuel options, and accurately model the rewards of combining these selections.

Robert Burke, CEO at Ridgebury, stated: “Our commitment to operating a sustainable little small business suggests that when we add a tanker to our fleet of vessels, we quite initially take into consideration how our investment will benefit the atmosphere. Operating with FuelTrust provides a bigger level of detail and accuracy about how our investments have an impact on emissions in any scenario. For the benefit of our seafarers, our investors, and the atmosphere, we can use this insight to offer measurable improvements to our vessels.”
Jonathan Arneault, CEO at FuelTrust, added: “Ridgebury is forward pondering in maximizing the worth and environmental sustainability of its vessels, and FuelTrust’s particular approach fits entirely with their want to uncover the accurate ROI from their investments. We seem forward to continuing to support Ridgebury’s ambitions as the firm invests to improve the environmental and industrial all round efficiency of its vessels.”
Creating on this initial project FuelTrust is now analyzing additional tankers to assess how fuel selection and operational behaviors could reduce down emissions. As element of the subsequent phase, FuelTrust will produce an evaluation of the relative monetary and environmental rewards that could be accrued by signifies of the installation and thriving operations of a scrubber by model. FuelTrust will also present insight into optimal HFO outcomes versus continued use of VLSFO devoid of retrofit. For these Suezmax tankers, FuelTrust’s evaluation will support Ridgebury in generating the quite finest investment options for lowering emissions and optimizing returns, as correctly as identifying operational behaviors that could present elevated rewards for Ridgebury and its charterers.
In addition to measuring the ROI from investing in far far more powerful technologies, fleets can also use FuelTrust digital selections to scientifically validate yearly emissions reduction in support of 2030 and 2050 IMO ambitions. In addition, FuelTrust’s selections present verified carbon emissions final outcomes for appropriate CII scores, enabling shipowners and operators to receive superior monetary outcomes.

About FuelTrust
FuelTrust is a technologies firm devoted to creating a trusted and sustainable fuel ecosystem by signifies of transparency and traceability. Mostly primarily based in Houston, Texas, they have teams functioning across North America and Europe.
FuelTrust leverages its technologies platform to make insights that reduce down threat and improve ESG outcomes by authenticating relationships across the fuel lifecycle, digitally verifying facts from shared sources, validating decarbonization and compliance, and identifying potential fraud and threat. With deep insight into when, specifically exactly where and from whom major high-quality fuel is supplied, FuelTrust’s answer tends to make it attainable for providers to alleviate the monetary impact of undesirable fuel, mitigate regulatory threat, and empower sustainable shipping.

About Ridgebury Tankers 
Ridgebury is a premier maritime asset management firm focused on operational excellence and investment all round efficiency. Contemplating that its founding in 2013, Ridgebury has raised far more than US$625 million of equity capital in eight exclusive investment automobiles, delivering excellent returns to investors on each investment to date. 
Ridgebury offers all round efficiency and transparency for institutional investors, applying particular strategies to manage the possibilities in a cyclical international shipping marketplace. Across a fleet of second-hand tankers, the firm focuses on delivering excellent alter for the atmosphere when acquiring a vessel and guaranteeing just about each investment selection, in operations and assets, adds material worth for investors.


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