• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Revolutionizing Rehabilitation: NASA’s Innovative Device for War Wounded


Nov 21, 2023

The hospital in Jerusalem has recently acquired a revolutionary device that is used to aid in the rehabilitation of patients with injuries affecting their legs. The device, developed at NASA, allows for patients to put weight on their foot immediately after surgery. This is a significant improvement over traditional rehabilitation methods, as it allows for faster and more efficient progress towards full recovery.

The device was purchased with the help of a donation from Hadassah International Israel and has already been used to successfully treat various types of injuries, including muscle weakness and balance problems. It has also proven beneficial for sports injuries and has even been used by top-class athletes.

One patient who underwent treatment on the device was Dvir, who suffered a pedicle injury that limited his ability to walk. With the help of the device, he was able to return to walking in a normal way and feels confident that he is one step closer to being able to walk with both feet independently.

Professor Isabella Schwartz, director of the rehabilitation department at the hospital, is thrilled about the new therapeutic options that this device provides. She believes that it will greatly benefit many patients who have been injured in their legs and hopes that it will help them make a full recovery.

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