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Revolutionizing Diagnostics: How Imagene’s Digital Scanning Technology Improves Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment at Sheba Medical Center


Feb 13, 2024
Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

Sheba Medical Center is now using a revolutionary technology developed by imagene, an Israeli start-up founded in 2020. This technology allows doctors to obtain a digital scan of biopsy samples in just minutes, which can be viewed even from home or any location with internet access. The artificial intelligence used in this technology identifies the characteristics of cancerous tumors and mutations within the sample, allowing for quick and accurate diagnosis.

In the first phase of implementation, the Sheba Medical Center has applied this technology to cancerous tumors, replacing traditional glass transfers of biopsies between laboratories. This has led to a significant improvement in patient outcomes as they can receive treatment decisions more quickly. “Since we switched to digital scanning of the biopsies, we can view the samples even from home and from anywhere in the world,” explains Prof. Iris Brashak, director of the pathology laboratory at Sheba and chairman of the Israeli Pathology Association. “The digital scan allows us to give quick answers to patients even when we are not in the lab, and consult with experts from all over the world.”

The computers at Sheba Medical Center have become busier since implementing this new technology, as they work overtime analyzing thousands of different algorithms to identify tumor characteristics and mutations within each sample brought from the operating room. Within just a few minutes, doctors receive an indication of the type of cancer so that they know what treatment and exact dose to give their patients. This technology has allowed them to save lives by providing quicker diagnoses for patients with metastatic lung cancer who previously had to wait three weeks for genetic sequencing results.

Overall, imagene’s advanced technology has revolutionized biopsy testing at Sheba Medical Center by providing fast and accurate diagnoses that can be accessed remotely by doctors around the world.

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