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Revamping the Shopping Experience: Amazon Fresh Stores Introduce Smart Carts with Real-Time Tracking and Receipts

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Amazon to Remove Just Walk Out Technology from Fresh Grocery Stores

In an effort to improve the shopping experience for its customers, Amazon has decided to revamp its Amazon Fresh stores. Instead of using the Just Walk Out technology, which allowed customers to pay for items without standing in line and receive receipts afterwards, the company is now implementing smart carts. These carts offer the convenience of skipping the checkout line while also allowing customers to track their purchases in real time.

Over the past year, Amazon has been collecting feedback from its customers about its Fresh stores. According to company spokesperson Carly Golden, one of the most common requests was for customers to be able to view their receipts and savings in real time while shopping. The new smart carts will provide this feature, allowing customers to see their spending as they go without having to wait in line at the checkout.

This change reflects Amazon’s commitment to providing a better shopping experience for its customers at its Amazon Fresh stores. By removing the Just Walk Out technology and replacing it with smart carts, Amazon is giving shoppers more control over their shopping experience and making it more convenient for them to make purchases.

By Samantha Jones

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