• Mon. Mar 20th, 2023

Region-Temperature Metal Bonding Technologies That Facilitates The Fabrication of 3D-ICs &amp 3D Integration With Heterogeneous Devices


Mar 20, 2023

A technical paper titled “Room-Temperature Direct Cu Semi-Additive Plating (SAP) Bonding for Chip-on-Wafer 3D Heterogenous Integration With μLED” was published by researchers at Tohoku University in Japan.

“This letter describes a direct Cu bonding technologies to there-dimensionally integrate heterogeneous dielets mainly primarily based on a chip-on-wafer configuration. one particular hundred- μm -cubed blue μ LEDs temporarily adhered on a photosensitive resin are interconnected by semi-additive plating (SAP) with out thermal compression bonding. By using SAP bonding, a lot of dielets can be stacked on thin 3D-IC chiplets. The following three critical technologies are applied to resolve the yield challenges of SAP bonding. Straight away just after pick out-and-spot assembly, additional coplanarity enhancement eliminates Cu bridges grown to a compact gap in among the μ LEDs and photosensitive resin. The μ LEDs arrays with sidewalls insulated by region-temperature ozone-ethylene-radical (OER)-SiO2-CVD are proficiently bonded on sapphire wafers and a thin 3D-IC with by way of-Si via (TSV). Extra style and style optimization is anticipated, but partial seed pre-etching operates proficiently to raise the yield. Completely integrated module implementation with the 3D-ICs will be the subsequent stage, nonetheless, we speak about a superior prospect for yield enhancement toward virtually one particular hundred%.”

Get the technical paper suitable right here. Published Jan. 2023.  A university news quick report can be found suitable right here.

Y. Susumago et al., “Room-Temperature Direct Cu Semi-Additive Plating (SAP) Bonding for Chip-on-Wafer 3D Heterogenous Integration With μLED,” in IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 44, no. 3, pp. 500-503, March 2023, doi: ten.1109/LED.2023.3237834.