• Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Randstad’s 2023 Turnover and Profit Decline Linked to Global Economic Uncertainty and Cautious Decision-Making


Feb 13, 2024
Companies are more cautious in hiring due to uncertain economy, says Randstad

In 2023, Randstad, a Dutch temporary employment group, experienced a decline in turnover and profit. According to their annual figures, the group’s turnover fell by 8 percent to 25.4 billion euros, with a 7 percent decline in the Belgium/Luxembourg region. The EBITA profit figure also fell by 21 percent to 923 million euros, and net profit fell by a third to 624 million euros.

The CEO of Randstad, Sander van ‘t Noordende, attributed the decline in performance to the uncertain global macroeconomic environment and cautious decision-making by customers and talent. Despite these challenging market conditions, Randstad was able to adapt and continue its operations.

As companies become more careful about hiring staff due to the poor economy, it has impacted Randstad’s performance in 2023. However, there were other unrelated content such as firearm and music-related topics from various sources and websites that were enumerated in addition to the declining turnover and profit figures.

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