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Phoenix Tops Destroyed in Devastating Fire: Family-Owned Business Forced to Rebuild After Loss of Main Production Facility


Feb 10, 2024
Fire destroys Mt. Vernon business in the early morning hours

On Saturday morning, the Phoenix Tops building in the 400 block of Meadowbrook, just east of Mt. Vernon, was destroyed by a devastating fire. Jefferson Fire officials arrived at the scene and were greeted with heavy smoke and flames blowing through the garage door. The fire quickly spread throughout the 50 by 150-foot building, with the roof eventually collapsing into it.

To help put out the remaining of the fire, Heck’s Excavating was called in to remove the roof and most of the walls still standing. The State Fire Marshal’s office was also called to investigate the cause of the fire. Jefferson Fire received mutual aid assistance from Bluford, Kell, Mt Vernon City, Centralia Fire Protection District, Woodlawn, Ashley, Waltonville, and Wayne City.

Despite water being an issue initially due to extreme heat and dry conditions that made it difficult for water to flow properly from hydrants on site, fire lines were eventually connected to the city water system providing needed water to fight blaze. One line supplied water to Mt. Vernon Fire Tower with three additional hand lines providing ample coverage for firefighters on site.

The website for Phoenix Tops states they are a family-owned and operated company that specializes in handcrafted wooden flag displays and cremation urns since 2016. Sadly, this business will be forced to rebuild after this devastating event that left them without their main production facility.

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