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May 26, 2023

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From nation to city-level emissions, measuring adaptation vs. mitigation, tracking climate finance from the public and private sectors, understanding worldwide climate objectives and the action necessary to meet them needs a wealth of details. Information exists for lots of elements of climate modify, but with hundreds of platforms and numerous datasets, it can be complicated to distinguish the very best details for a specific need to have, or to obtain exactly where information gaps exist.

This interactive visual shows a matrix of much more than 80 main climate information platforms, displayed by subject (x-axis) and geographic level/scale (y-axis). Customers can also view this information as a filterable table or download it straight.

Prospective use instances involve:

  • Climate information analysts can obtain the most relevant platform for their particular subject and the level at which they operate.
  • Funders and information creators can pinpoint information gaps, verify if there are current platforms on a topic to keep away from redundancy of new operate, or leverage synergies by constructing on current operate.
  • City planners can obtain information on peer cities’ emissions and climate actions, as effectively as how these actions could relate to national-level targets.
  • Choice makers searching for particular information on policy, finance or other subjects can obtain relevant information for many scales, comparing policy or investment from many cities, nations or regions.

Some of the notable patterns identified in curating this dataset involve: an overarching concentrate on mitigation, power and nation-level information various platforms showcasing related datasets and a common lack of upkeep, even on meticulously constructed datasets. These all underscore a clear need to have to increase the world’s climate-connected information infrastructure.

This Information Visualization is aspect of our Climate System. Attain out to Irene Berman-Vaporis for much more details.

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