• Wed. May 31st, 2023

Opinion | A warning to the globe about unchecked hatred


May 25, 2023

The photos in the actual photo album depicting the Nazi murderers at the world’s biggest cemetery is sickening. The sequence of events that made the album was ordinary, but the topic is grotesque. The “Final Solution” was a government agenda carried out ruthlessly on an industrial scale. The notion that these monsters are relaxing in the bucolic countryside on their days off is revolting. It was just a break from a further day at the workplace.

The play Mr. Marks reviewed, “Here There Are Blueberries,” highlights the crucial function of the researchers at the museum. They are preserving the memories of the six million victims to rebut Holocaust deniers. The discomfort involved in viewing this grotesque group is comparable to viewing Auschwitz itself. Genocide is horrifically incorrect. The ordinary humans who became mass murderers want to have a spot in the collection as a warning to the globe. Hatred unchecked leads to Auschwitz after that train leaves the station.

Steven A. Ludsin, East Hampton, N.Y.

The writer was a member of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust and the initial U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, which made the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.