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Northwell Health Inc. Faces Legal Battle over Retirement Plan Mismanagement: A Step Towards Accountability through ERISA Compliance

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Judge Keeps Northwell Health Retirement Plan Fee Suit Alive

A recent ruling by federal judge Rachel P. Kovner has brought to light Northwell Health Inc.’s mismanagement of their $5.6 billion retirement plan. The court found that the company’s administrative fees and use of a single mutual fund were not in line with ERISA regulations.

On Tuesday, Judge Kovner granted a request from former employee Kaila Gonzalez to file an amended complaint in her proposed class action lawsuit under ERISA. The judge deemed Gonzalez’s claims viable and specifically questioned the plan’s high administrative fees of $60 per person, per year, and its continued offering of a single emerging markets fund.

This ruling marks a step towards holding Northwell Health Inc. accountable for its handling of the retirement plan and ensuring that employees are treated fairly and lawfully in terms of their financial security. The decision highlights the importance of ERISA regulations and the need for companies to comply with them when managing their employees’ retirement plans.

By Samantha Jones

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