• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

New Research Reveals the Impact of Limited Resources on Consumer Purchase Decisions


Nov 20, 2023

A report by the research agency Planning Quant shows that consumers’ purchase intention for El Buen Fin this year is lower compared to last year. The director of the consulting firm, Iván Castro Rivadeneyra, stated that the economic reactivation program, which was launched in 2011 and is known for its promotions carried out by commercial and service establishments, had a purchase intention of 37%, five points lower than last year. The study reveals that 40% of the population is still unsure about purchasing any goods or services, while two out of ten completely rule out making purchases.

Physical stores remain the most important channel for consumers to make their purchases during El Buen Fin, but three out of every ten people who will buy a good or contract a service during this season will do so online. The study also indicates that good financing methods are an essential factor in determining whether consumers will take advantage of the season’s promotions and offers. According to Castro Rivadeneyra, consumers who plan on using El Buen Fin are motivated by both promotions and good financing options.

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