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New National Action Plan for Responsible Business Conduct: Promoting Sustainability, Ethics and Human Rights in the US

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct unveiled by State Department

The U.S. State Department has recently released its 2024 National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct, highlighting the government’s commitment to promoting green energy, upholding human and labor rights, combating corruption, promoting technology use that respects human rights, defending human rights advocates, and advancing gender equality and equity. The second national action plan has identified four key focus areas, including establishing a federal advisory committee on responsible business conduct, enhancing human rights compliance in federal procurement policies, improving access to remedies, and providing resources to businesses.

The first priority focus area involves the State Department working to enhance collaboration with the private sector, academia, civil society, and other stakeholders on responsible business conduct through the establishment of a federal advisory committee. This will help facilitate dialogue between businesses and the government on how to promote responsible business practices.

The second priority focus area involves the Department of Defense conducting a review to evaluate the potential requirement or encouragement of membership in the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Providers by vendors. This will ensure that private security providers are held accountable for their actions and comply with international standards for human rights and ethical behavior.

The plan emphasizes the importance of businesses conducting human rights due diligence throughout their value chains in accordance with international standards. By doing so, businesses can promote responsible business conduct and create a more ethical and sustainable business environment. This comprehensive approach will help ensure that companies operate in accordance with international norms and expectations.

Overall, this national action plan is an important step towards creating a more responsible and sustainable business environment in the United States. By working closely with stakeholders across various sectors, the government can help promote responsible business practices that benefit both businesses and society as a whole.

By Samantha Jones

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