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New Leadership Takes Charge at Questor Technology: Driving Sustainability and Growth in Emissions Reduction

BySamantha Jones

Jun 12, 2024
New Leadership Duo Joining Questor Technology

Questor Technology (TSE:QST) has recently appointed new leadership to drive growth and international expansion in emissions reduction technology. The company has appointed Quentin Kyliuk as the Vice President of Operations and Engineering and Stephanie Setiawan as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Both leaders bring over 20 years of experience to the company and will play a crucial role in strengthening Questor Technology’s position in the market.

Questor Technology is known for its high-efficiency clean combustion systems and commitment to clean air technologies. The company aims to help clients meet stringent emission regulations and achieve net zero emission targets. With the new leadership team in place, Questor Technology is well-positioned to drive innovation and deliver sustainable solutions to its customers.

Investors looking for insights into TSE:QST stock can find further information on TipRanks’ Stock Analysis page, which provides an overview of the company’s performance and potential growth opportunities. With a focus on emissions reduction technology, Questor Technology continues to play a vital role in promoting environmental sustainability and cleaner air for all.

By Samantha Jones

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