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New Elections on the Horizon for Israel: Gantz Calls for Fresh Polls to Unite Society and Win International Support

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
Gantz, Israeli Minister, Calls for Early Elections

Gantz has called for new elections in September, stating that this move would garner international support for Israel and reduce divisions within society. Despite his demands, there are currently no immediate consequences. However, Gantz could potentially benefit from new elections as surveys indicate that his center-right National Union party would be the strongest faction.

Gantz made these remarks during a press conference on Wednesday, emphasizing the potential benefits of holding new elections. Netanyahu’s Likud party has rejected Gantz’s demands, citing the need to continue government operations until all war goals are achieved. The party believes that an early election could paralyze the country, divide society, and jeopardize efforts to secure the release of hostages.

Critics of Netanyahu accuse him of failing to take responsibility for allowing a Hamas massacre to occur on October 7th. Despite joining the war cabinet after the start of the Gaza war, Gantz is viewed as playing a moderating role within the government. The political landscape in Israel remains contentious as debates continue over the potential for new elections and leadership changes.

By Samantha Jones

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