• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

New CEO Appointed at Spar Austria: Reisch Takes the Helm


Nov 21, 2023

Hans K. Reisch has been appointed as the new CEO of Spar AG with immediate effect. The supervisory board of Spar Austria made this decision after the previous CEO, Mag. Fritz Poppmeier became necessary due to illness.

Reisch will continue to work together with the three existing board colleagues Mag. Markus Kaser, Mag. Paul Klotz and Mag. Marcus Wild form the board of directors of Spar AG. This step towards reorganization was taken after Poppmeier stepped down from his role as CEO due to health issues.

Reisch is a grandson of Spar founder Hans F. Reisch and has spent his entire professional life in various functions within the company. He has been a member of the board since 2001 and became deputy chairman of the board in 2021 before taking on his current role as CEO.

The proven management team will now lead the fortunes of Spar AG with four people, including Reisch, Kaser, Klotz and Wild. The departments were partially redistributed in March 2023 but remain unchanged for now

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