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New Breakthroughs in Spintronics: How Cobalt Oxide Thin Films Could Revolutionize the Future of Data Storage and Computing

BySamantha Jones

May 16, 2024
A ‘Spintronics’ Paper by David Waldeck and Brian Bloom was Published in Science Advances

A recent study by Professor of Chemistry David Waldeck and Dietrich School Research Associate Brian Bloom has opened up new possibilities in the field of spintronics. The team’s research focused on moving spin current through cobalt oxide thin films, which have a unique “handedness” that sets them apart from their mirror image.

The researchers found that spin only passes through the material in specific orientations, which could have important implications for data storage, communication, and computing. Specifically, these findings have brought to light the potential for creating gateways in materials that allow spin to pass through in only one direction. This property could pave the way for innovative applications in the field of spintronics.

The results of their work were published in the journal Science Advances on May 3, along with colleagues from North Carolina State University. Through this research, the team was able to move spin current through two cobalt oxide thin films, demonstrating the potential for using spin instead of charge as a means of information transfer.

Overall, this study represents an exciting breakthrough in the field of spintronics and highlights the importance of continued research into this rapidly growing area of science and technology.

By Samantha Jones

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