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New Breakthrough for Battery Industry in Southern Finland: CNGR Granted Environmental Permit for Factory


Feb 12, 2024
Chinese Company’s Battery Material Factory Granted Environmental Permit in Hamina

In a major milestone for the battery industry in Southern Finland, CNGR Finland has been granted an environmental permit and permission to begin operations at its new battery material factory. The regional administrative agency of Southern Finland, Avi, made the decision on Monday morning after reviewing the company’s application and determining that it meets all necessary requirements under the Environmental Protection Act, Waste Act, and Nature Conservation Act.

As part of its decision, Avi issued a permit in accordance with the Water Act and established emission limit values for waste water and exhaust gases. The factory will produce precursors to cathodic active material, which is used as a primary component in electric car batteries. Production at the facility is expected to begin in the near future, as announced by CNGR Finland.

The CEO of CNGR Finland, Thorsten Lahrs, expressed his excitement about the environmental permit and its significance for the development of a key competence center for the battery industry in the region. “This is an important step forward for our company,” he said. “With this permit in place, we can move forward with plans to establish a factory in Kotka to produce cathode-active material and build a battery cluster covering the entire value chain.”

In addition to its battery material factory, CNGR also plans to establish a raw material pretreatment and recycling plant in connection with the facility. This will enable the company to further reduce its environmental impact and contribute to sustainable energy production. The appeal period for Avi’s decision ends on March 20th, 2024.

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