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Netflix series ‘Tex-Mex Motors’ highlights auto restoration organization in El Paso


Jun 10, 2023
Netflix series ‘Tex-Mex Motors’ highlights car restoration business in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas [KFOX14] — A new Netflix series is not only highlighting El Paso but, also the city’s regional talent.

The Netflix series “Tex-Mex Motors” follows two auto enthusiasts browsing for undervalued vehicles in Mexico to then restore and sell in the United States.

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Marcos “Scooter” Carrera, 1 of the creators and stars of the show, hopes the series will bring far more constructive projects to the Borderland.

“I’m particularly proud of the Borderland and I want the complete globe to see it the way I see it, which is sort of what the theme of the show is,” Carrera stated.

Carrera stated it hasn’t totally hit him that the series is on a international platform such as Netflix

“A couple of days ago and I was like woah this is kinda major, this is quite major and it is not only for myself but the way I see it it is excellent for the Borderland,” Carrera stated.

Carrera added he hopes “Tex-Mex Motors” will highlight a distinctive El Paso than what men and women are utilised to hearing on the news.

“I want far more constructive issues to come to the Borderland trigger that translates to far more jobs, to the globe to see us the way we actually are, to get rid of that undesirable stigma that we have so this is a way to shine a light on a ‘darkened spot,’ that outsiders see it like that, you know what I’m saying,” Carrera explained.

The series not only highlights the restoration of vehicles along the border but also the interest from regional El Pasoans to get their hands on a classic auto.

Episode two of the series follows KFOX14 Photojournalist Richard Zamora and his daughter Hazel as they search for her very first auto.

“My daughter, she’s into classic vehicles and she loves these classic Mustangs, so crazy that we ran into a good Mustang on this show,” stated Zamora.

Zamora in the end purchased his daughter a 1966 Ford Mustang GT.

He shared it was a surreal knowledge to have their buy documented on the Netflix series.

“As a kid developing up, your very first auto is a major deal, so to basically have a show on Netflix showcase it, I imply oh man, I do not even know if words can describe the feeling it is just true cool and I’m glad I was capable to share that with my daughter,” Zamora stated.

Meanwhile, Drew Mayer-Oakes, El Paso’s film and inventive industries commissioner, stated these forms of projects can attract far more show producers and sooner or later bring far more consideration to the city which would in turn aid the regional economy.

“I’m incredibly excited that it is on such a wide international platform as Netflix and we’re hopeful we can get a different season or other projects that are comparable to this, tv productions attain a actually, actually wide audience and that is actually good for us,” stated Mayer-Oakes.

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