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Navarro’s Vision: Inside Peter Navarro’s Economic Policies if Trump Wins the November Election

BySamantha Jones

Jun 11, 2024
Donald Trump’s imprisoned trade hawk is scheming

In the lead up to America’s election in November, company bosses, financiers and diplomats are scrambling to understand the economic policies that former President Donald Trump will pursue if re-elected. Among Trump’s allies, one man holds more influence than most, but he is currently out of reach. Peter Navarro, a key economic adviser in Trump’s first administration, is currently serving a four-month sentence for contempt of Congress at the Federal Correctional Institution of Miami.

Despite his current incarceration, Navarro remains vocal about his beliefs and desires for America’s economic future. He is critical of the justice system, unimpressed with Joe Biden’s record and advocates for a hardline stance on protectionism. In written correspondence with The Economist, Navarro outlined his thoughts on trade policy, advocating for tough actions against China and the imposition of tariffs on other countries. His vision for the global economy is bleak and confrontational.

As the election draws closer, polls suggest that Navarro’s vision could soon be reflected in the policies of the White House. Despite his current confinement, his influence over Trump’s economic agenda remains significant.

By Samantha Jones

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