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Michigan’s Racial Disparities Task Force Reduces Healthcare Inequality through $17 Million Initiative in Detroit

BySamantha Jones

Jun 12, 2024
Michigan allocates $17 million to combat racial health disparities through wellness centers

The Racial Disparities Task Force, led by Lieutenant Governor Gary Gilchrist, is working to reduce healthcare disparities in Michigan through a $17 million initiative. As part of this project, former COVID-19 testing sites are being transformed into health and wellness centers on Detroit’s east side.

These wellness centers originated from neighborhood testing sites established during the pandemic, where health disparities tied to race became evident. The centers offer free preventive health screenings to the community, aiming to address these disparities and improve the health of community members who face barriers such as transportation or financing when seeking healthcare.

Carmen Sneed, administrator of Vernon Chapel AME church, which houses one of these wellness centers, emphasizes the importance of providing access to medical services for residents who may not have it otherwise. She hopes that these centers will help improve the overall health of the community.

Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist and Elizabeth Hertel from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services both highlighted the importance of community-driven solutions to healthcare problems. They expressed their hope that these wellness centers will make healthcare more accessible to those in need.

Individuals like James Harris and Sean Wright have already seen improvements in their health as a result of visiting these wellness centers. Harris reported improvements in his high blood pressure, while Wright emphasized the importance of staying healthy and taking advantage of available resources. These wellness centers offer various screenings for conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol, as well as referrals for further care if needed.

By Samantha Jones

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