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Memorial Hermann Health System and Laudio Join Forces to Enhance Frontline Leaders with AI Technology


Nov 21, 2023

Memorial Hermann Health System, a prominent healthcare organization based in Houston, has joined Laudio’s Series B funding round as a strategic investor. This partnership aims to enhance employee efficiency and engagement through the implementation of Laudio’s administrative workflows.

Laudio is an AI-enabled platform that provides healthcare management personnel with recommendations on how to engage with their teams to reduce burnout and employee turnover. The platform also automates repetitive tasks, improving operational efficiency within healthcare systems.

Dr. Feby Abraham, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Memorial Hermann, stated that the organization’s commitment to utilizing innovative digital tools supports system-wide improvements and employee engagement. This move comes at a time when healthcare systems face unique challenges.

In 2019, Laudio raised $7.3 million in Series A funding to expand its platform. Two years later, the company announced partnerships with Tufts Medical Center, Novant Health, and UNC Health. In July 2021, Laudio announced partnerships with Northwell Health and Nebraska Medicine. These collaborations reflect the growing demand for innovative technologies and platforms to support the healthcare industry and its employees.

Other companies in the healthcare industry are also making waves in this space. Practice Better, a platform for health and wellness practitioners, secured a $27 million growth investment in April 2021. These investments demonstrate the growing need for innovative solutions that support both patients’ care and employees’ well-being.

As healthcare continues to evolve rapidly, it is crucial for organizations like Memorial Hermann to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging cutting-edge technology like Laudio’s platform. By doing so, they can ensure that their staff remains engaged and productive while providing optimal care to their patients.

Overall, this collaboration between Memorial Hermann Health System and Laudio represents an exciting opportunity for the future of healthcare management and employee engagement within the industry as a whole.

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