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Maintaining Health and Wellness in the Ballet World: Expert Insights from Dr. Yein Lee and Stephen Fung

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth reports on Fort Worth researchers’ investigation into the health of female ballet dancers.

Dr. Yein Lee, the Performing Arts Medicine Fellowship Director at UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth, has been researching the impact of sacrifices made by dancers on their health. Specifically, her focus has been on bone health and how these sacrifices can affect it. Her research has revealed that women dancers are particularly vulnerable due to a desire to maintain a certain aesthetic that may involve body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

Stephen Fung, a former competitive dancer and Performing Arts Medicine Fellow, noticed a high rate of stress-related injuries and fractures among dancers while working as an instructor at TCU. He sought to understand why this was happening and what he could do to help prevent it. Fung found that many dancers struggle with stress-related injuries because they push themselves too hard in order to achieve their goals. This is often caused by an unhealthy mindset that prioritizes winning over taking care of one’s body.

Fung also noted that many female athletes struggle with eating disorders, which can have serious consequences for their health. He emphasized the importance of promoting a healthy mindset in dance departments in order to prevent these issues from arising. One way he hopes to do this is by creating a self-assessment checklist for ballet dancers that will help them identify their risk factors and take steps to stay healthy while pursuing their passion.

Bethany Bailey, a dancer and dance instructor at TCU, has seen firsthand how prevalent eating disorders are in the dance community. While not every dancer struggles with these issues, she believes it’s important for dance departments to prioritize promoting a healthy mindset in order to prevent them from occurring in the first place. By doing so, they can create a culture of health and wellness that will benefit all athletes who participate in the sport.

Overall, Dr. Lee emphasized the importance of supporting dancers in maintaining their health and wellness while pursuing their passion for ballet. She believes it’s crucial for dance departments to establish a culture of health and wellness so that all athletes who participate can thrive both on and off the stage.

In conclusion, ballet requires dedication and sometimes sacrifice but these sacrifices can impact the health of dancers specifically in terms of bone health according to Dr Yein Lee Performing Arts Medicine Fellowship Director at UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth . Dr Stephen Fung noticed high rate of stress-related injuries among female athletes due to desire to maintain certain aesthetic involving body dysmorphia or eating disorder . The research goal of clinic includes creating self assessment checklist for ballet dancers identify risk factors , promote healthy mentality which could be beneficial for other female athletes too prevent injuries promote overall wellness .

By Samantha Jones

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