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MacKenna Dressel: From Softball Slugger to Ice Cream Aficionado and Pizza Lover

BySamantha Jones

May 16, 2024
Meet MacKenna Dressel, Senior at MVL High School: Updates on News, Sports, and Jobs

MacKenna Dressel, the leadoff hitter for the MVL Chargers softball team, recently spoke with Ari Selvey about her role on the team and personal interests. Dressel has been instrumental in the team’s recent 3-game win streak, including a sweep of Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart.

When asked about her favorite ice cream flavor, Dressel mentioned that she enjoys vanilla because it is versatile and can be paired with various toppings. Her dream vacation spot is Hawaii, as she loves being by the beach. Dressel’s favorite months are June and December, as her birthday falls in June and she enjoys the festive atmosphere of Christmas in December.

Outside of sports, Dressel enjoys painting as a hobby. When it comes to food, she doesn’t have a specific favorite but mentioned that pizza might be a top choice for her. Stay updated with the latest news and more by subscribing to our newsletter.

By Samantha Jones

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