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Local Woman Found Not Responsible for Killings due to Insanity: Taylor Bradley, 28-Year-Old Woman Who Killed Two Maintenance Workers at The Lodge Apartments in March 2023, Ordered for Another Mental Health Evaluation”.

BySamantha Jones

Jun 12, 2024
Taylor Bradley required to undergo a third mental health assessment

28-year-old Taylor Bradley, a Lincoln woman who killed two maintenance workers at The Lodge Apartments in March 2023, was found not responsible for the killings by reason of insanity. In a recent court ruling, the judge determined that Bradley may pose a danger to herself or others and ordered her to undergo another mental health evaluation at the Lincoln Regional Center.

The evaluation will help develop a treatment plan for Bradley, who is currently housed in the Lancaster County Jail until a bed becomes available at the Regional Center. Once the evaluation is complete, Bradley will return to jail and the report and treatment plan will be submitted to the court before the evaluation period ends.

Bradley is scheduled to appear at a hearing on August 23 at 11 a.m. This is not her first time being sent to the Regional Center for evaluation since the incident that led to the deaths of Chris Karmazin and Ronald Gonzalez. Investigators found Karmazin and Gonzalez dead after they were apparently run over by a car at The Lodge Apartments back in March 2023. Bradley was arrested nearby and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. A judge ruled that at the time of crime, Bradley was experiencing delusions, manic episode and psychosis so severe that she did not understand her actions nor did she know right from wrong.

Family members of the victims confirmed their identities as Chris Karmazin, 42, and Ronald Gonzalez, 45. Bradley also attempted to hit a third maintenance worker who has since quit his job due to fear for his safety. Stay updated on this case by subscribing to our 10/11 NOW daily digest and breaking news alerts delivered directly to your email inbox. Copyright 2024 KOLN All rights reserved

By Samantha Jones

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