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Library course ‘generates’ interest in science | Neighborhood


Mar 18, 2023

Normally spring break signifies no classes for students, but a handful of small ones came to the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Library on Tuesday to spot collectively a mini-generator.

Led by librarian Heather Heilman, who also has an interest in all elements science, each and every single youngster was provided a kit that integrated tiny plastic gears, wooden pieces, some hardware and electrical wire and a miniature light bulb.

“This is enjoyable,” talked about 7-year-old Sydney Henderson. Her 4-year-old sister, Scarlett, gave her a huge smile as mom Samantha enjoyed the time they could invest collectively.

By way of the detailed instruction sheet, and lots of coaching by parents or partners who could lend but a different hand, each and every single ‘student’ managed to spot collectively small hand-cranked generators.

Powered with a tiny elbow grease, each and every single 1 developed a flicker of light as the gears and handle went about and about.

Gabriel Hernandez, ten, and his dad, Daniel, worked collectively diligently till all the pieces had been match collectively just appropriate.

“We did it,” Gabriel talked about.

The science time program is just 1 of rather a handful of presented at the library.

All applications are listed on the library’s Facebook net web page or can be obtained by calling the library at 254-953-5491.

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