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Legendary Closer Willie Hernández of the 1984 Tigers Passes Away at 69


Nov 21, 2023

In 1984, Willie Hernández played a pivotal role in helping the Detroit Tigers win the World Series. That year, he won both the American League MVP and Cy Young Awards, marking the start of a three-year streak of All-Star appearances. As the Tigers’ closer that season, Hernández appeared in 80 games and notched an impressive 32 saves and a career-high 112 strikeouts in 140.1 innings. His earned-run average was also a career-best at 1.92, and he finished 68 games.

The Tigers expressed their deep sadness over Hernández’s passing at the age of 69. They remembered him as a vital member of their team that won the World Series in 1984 and recognized his achievements with MVP and Cy Young honors. Alan Trammell, Hernández’s former teammate, paid tribute to him as a great teammate and expressed his sorrow over the news of his passing.

Hernández began his professional baseball career with the Chicago Cubs before being traded to the Philadelphia Phillies. He joined the Tigers in 1984 and finished his career there in 1989 at age 34. His legacy will be remembered for his critical role in helping the Tigers win their first World Series since 1968, earning him an astounding amount of MVP votes (78%). To this day, he is one of only three relievers in MLB history to have won both MVP and Cy Young Awards in the same season.

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In conclusion, Willie Hernandez was an integral part of the Detroit Tigers’ success in winning their first World Series since 1968 in 1984. He achieved remarkable milestones that year when he won both MVP and Cy Young Awards, making history as one of only three relievers to do so in one season. The Tigers mourned his passing at age 69 but celebrated his outstanding contributions to their championship run that year.

Hernandez began his career with six seasons playing for Chicago Cubs before being traded to Philadelphia Phillies before joining Detroit Tigers where he spent five years before retiring at age thirty-four.

Hernandez’s legacy will forever be etched in Detroit sports history as one of their greatest players who helped them win their first World Series title since they last did so fifty years ago.

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