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Judson College releases statement saying college not closed, remains operating company


May 27, 2023

Daphne Robinson, the president of Judson College, sent a letter addressed to the school’s alumni Friday morning, saying the college is not closed and remains an operating company in spite of not holding classes because July 2021.

The letter came in response to an post posted Thursday evening about the passing of a bill Thursday evening which would establish the Distressed Institutions of Greater Education Revolving Loan Plan Fund which would offer help to struggling public and private colleges in the state. The post, posted to AL.com, stated Judson College was closed in 2022 and did not ask the state for help, as opposed to Birmingham Southern College.

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“The plan, authorized by way of 2027, is intended to help Birmingham-Southern, but could theoretically enable other struggling colleges in Alabama,” the AL.com post stated. “It is not clear irrespective of whether any have asked the legislature for enable. Officials say Judson College, which closed in 2022, did not ask for state help.”

Robinson stated the college sent a response to the media outlet claiming that final sentence was incorrect.

“Please note this statement is incorrect,” Robinson stated in her response, which was then forward to the school’s alumni. “Judson College has not closed. It ceased holding classes helpful July 2021, but it remains an operating company. Also, Judson College did attain out to representatives from the state searching for economic help.”

According to the letter, the college had written correspondence and some verbal conversations with many state officials such as men and women from the Governor’s workplace, the Alabama Property of Representatives, the Alabama Senate, ADECA, and State Finance.

Robinson stated Judson College is continuing to seek economic help from the state and hopes to hold meetings with state lawmakers and representatives from the Governor’s workplace.

Judson College nonetheless has an active web page but no news has been posted because August 2021 when the board of trustees voted to close the 183-year-old institution.

Robinson clarified the college is not presently in any bankruptcy proceedings.

“SB278 is so new that Judson is attempting to navigate by way of it to identify if there is a advantage to the College,” Robinson stated in one more statement Friday afternoon. “The objective in emailing our alumnae right now was to assure them that Judson did seek state help and request AL.com to appropriate its story.”

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