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John Oliver Challenges Local Family Bakery to Outdo Red Lobster, Generously Donates Equipment and Helps Feed the Needy

BySamantha Jones

Jun 12, 2024
Family Bakery Upgrades Kitchen Equipment After Dispute with John Oliver

A family-owned bakery in the Hudson Valley recently received a generous donation of new kitchen equipment, thanks to a playful rivalry with comedian John Oliver. The comedian had attempted to recreate his own version of Red Lobster’s famous cheddar biscuits, but was beaten out by other interested parties.

Eric Deising, owner of Deising’s Bakery in Kingston, had left a sign at the Red Lobster inquiring about specific ovens that he needed for his business. However, he missed out on the opportunity to purchase them from Oliver, who offered him a challenge. He said that if Deising’s Bakery could make and sell bear-shaped cakes with his face on them using the equipment he had donated, they would receive the ovens they needed.

Deising’s Bakery rose to the challenge and created and sold the “cake bears” made of edible paper with Oliver’s face on them. The cakes were incredibly popular and sold approximately 100 every hour at $8 each. The bakery plans to donate all proceeds from the cake bears to People’s Place, a local food pantry. Despite requests for international shipping, the cake bears are only available in-store through Sunday.

The value of the new kitchen equipment totaled thousands of dollars and was set to be delivered on Thursday. A representative for “Last Week Tonight” did not provide comment when contacted by Business Insider.

By Samantha Jones

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