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Jeff Bezos’ Latest Stock Sales Could Propel Him to the Title of World’s Richest Person: How Net Worth Calculations Matter”.


Feb 12, 2024
Jeff Bezos closes in on Elon Musk as the world’s richest person after selling Amazon stock

The battle for the title of the world’s richest person continues, and Jeff Bezos, the executive chairman of Amazon, may soon reclaim the top spot. According to Bloomberg, his estimated net worth is $200 billion, making him the world’s second richest man. However, recent stock sales could potentially propel Bezos’ net worth and allow him to reclaim the title of the wealthiest person from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Bezos recently sold more than $2 billion worth of Amazon stock, almost 12 million shares, according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Additionally, he has proposed selling 50 million Amazon shares around Feb. 7, worth an estimated $8.4 billion. These sales could have a significant impact on Bezos’ net worth and allow him to surpass Musk as the world’s richest person.

As of now, Musk currently holds the No. 1 spot on Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index with an estimated net worth of $209 billion. However, in recent weeks, Musk’s net worth has declined due to Tesla’s stock dropping by 24% in the first two months of the year. This has already impacted Musk’s claim as the world’s wealthiest person as Forbes calculates net worth differently than Bloomberg and has LVMH chairman at No. 1 with a net worth of $220 billion while Musk is No. 2 with an estimated net worth of $201.6 billion and Bezos is No. 3 at $195.9 billion on Forbes real-time billionaire tracker.

The fight for who will be considered as the world’s richest person continues to be tight as both Bezos and Musk are determined to hold onto their positions despite their different approaches towards business.

In conclusion, Jeff Bezos may soon reclaim his position as the world’s richest person thanks to his latest stock sales that could potentially propel his net worth even further ahead of Elon Musk who currently holds this title but with different calculations methods between Forbes and Bloomberg

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