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Israel Announces Safe Corridor for Civilians in Rafah, Sparking Controversy and Criticism


Feb 11, 2024
Netanyahu predicts victory in war with Hamas

In a bid to bring peace and stability to the region, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to establish a “safe corridor” for civilians in the city of Rafah in southern Gaza Strip. He stated that a comprehensive plan for the evacuation of the more than one million Palestinians living in Rafah was being developed.

The move comes after intense international pressure, with both the US and UN warning against any military operation in Rafah that could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe and consequences for the entire region. The US government has stated that such an operation would be a disaster for the people living in the area, while UN Secretary-General António Guterres has warned of dire consequences if Israel proceeds with its plans.

Egypt is also concerned about a rush of desperate Palestinians fleeing to Sinai Peninsula if a massive military operation takes place in Rafah. This could strain Egypt’s already fragile resources and lead to further instability in the region.

Israel has been accused of carrying out a ground offensive on Rafah, which was triggered by a massacre carried out by terrorists from Hamas and other extremist groups in southern Israel. The Israeli army has responded with air strikes and ground troops, leading to widespread destruction and displacement of civilians.

Despite criticism from around the world, Netanyahu remains committed to achieving his goal of eliminating Hamas from Gaza Strip, stating that victory is “within reach.” However, he also acknowledges that this will require significant resources and support from international allies.

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