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Is this the golden age for South Florida sports?


Jun 8, 2023
Is this the golden age for South Florida sports?

MIAMI — Lionel Messi, a single of the greatest names in sports announced plans to join Inter Miami which begged the query: Is this South Florida sports’ golden age?

Fans clanging pots and pans chanting ‘Let’s Go Heat’ and wildly screaming for their group just before the Miami Heat hosted Game three of the NBA Finals yelled louder when organizers of Starry-Miami Heat Fan Bandwagon revealed a surprise.

“You are all winners,” DJ Irie, DJ for the group mentioned.

This came as they produced space in their hearts for a single of soccer’s all-time greats.  Lionel Messi announced plans to play for Inter Miami of Important League Soccer.

“Oh I cannot wait to verify him out,” Jennifer Ridenoure, a fan attending Wednesday night’s Marlins game at Loan Depot Park.  “I imply we had been speaking about finding tickets and worried about how significantly they would be.”

“I am excited about it,” mentioned Aureleo Currenti, a fan wearing his Inter Miami jersey outdoors Kaseya Center just before the Heat’s game.  “I believe we will win the championship with Messi.”

This improvement came as the Miami Marlins field their personal winning group led by second baseman Jose Arreaz who at present owns the ideal batting typical in Important League Baseball.

“This is excellent,” Ridenoure mentioned.  “(It is) a excellent time to be a south Floridian.”

Below throwback jerseys, fans wore layers of pride.  Ridenoure wore a t-shirt representing the Nova Southeastern University Sharks below her Marlins gear.  She, colleagues and one hundred students from Nova went to the game to share some of the assistance their college felt through its men’s basketball national championship run earlier this year.

Among that, the University of Miami and Florida Atlantic University’s Final 4 runs in college basketball, the Florida Panthers playing in the Stanley Cup Final and the Heat hosting NBA championship games, fans really feel much more excellent vibes than ever.

“It gets no greater,” DJ Irie mentioned.  “It truly is the golden age (of south Florida sports).  I believe you summed it up completely.”

“It does not take on organization’s coaches extended to appear at what is been constructed, what is been taking place suitable right here in this city and understanding that the identity and culture that is been constructed right here from major to bottom,” former Heat player Mike Miller mentioned.  “It is contagious.”

“Hopefully everybody’s catching on to the vibe with what is going on in south Florida suitable now with the Heat (and) Panthers,” Todd Stricklin, a Miami sports fan who also attended the Marlin’s game.  “It appears the Marlins are feeding off it.  We have to have the Dolphins to feed off of that.”

The bandwagon complete of Heat diehards scored wins of their personal.  Starry and the Heat gave all of them tickets to Wednesday’s game.  For Sierralta, it really is a present pretty much as sweet as south Florida’s fleet of winning teams.

“I am so freaking excited,” she mentioned.  

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