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Influencer shares sensible practical experience to World’s Largest McDonald’s


Mar 16, 2023

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She’s Loving It.

A social media influencer has shared her present trip to the World’s Largest McDonald’s, giving her followers a glimpse into the wild spectacle.

Kate Ellison, who is from the UK, shared the adventure she took with her household on TikTok even though on a trip to Orlando, Florida.

The larger than life restaurant, also recognized as Epic McD, is situated substantially significantly less than a mile south of Universal Orlando Resorts.

“We had been interested to see just how epic it was,” Ellison narrated in the video.

Ellison spends most of the clip pointing out the obscure attributes that wouldn’t match inside or ever be situated at the normal neighborhood McDonald’s.

“Inside there is a fish tank, a wood fired pizza oven, a committed dessert bar serving things like cake and ice cream,” Ellison stated ahead of sharing some of the other entertainment attributes. “A 22-foot play park, a key arcade, and a bunch of other things as successfully.”

The wood fired pizza oven at the World’s Largest McDonald’s.@katie_ellison/TikTok

Along with fan preferred menu factors, purchasers can order pizza and pasta.@katie_ellison/TikTok

The World’s Largest McDonald’s also offers solution meals selections ordinarily unseen beneath the Golden Arches.

“On the menu you will receive things you wouldn’t receive at a standard McDonald’s, say for instance pasta and pizza,” Ellison says as she navigates a single distinct of the order kiosks.

Ellison’s son decided to order a pasta and pizza combo, which was served in a “bowl and appropriate fork and knife and a tiny bit of garlic bread as successfully,” the mom of three stated..

Ellison ordered herself a pizza as successfully, topping it with ham and claiming “it was primarily absolutely excellent.”

The only complaint from the influencer was the slightly watery pasta.

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The “World’s Largest McDonald’s” is situated in Orlando, Florida.


Katie Ellison and her household attempted out the McDonald’s pizza and pasta factors.


The restaurant attributes a 22-foot PlayPlace.


A enormous arcade is also a single distinct of the entertainment attributes.


The designated dessert bar serves cakes and ice cream.


The Planet Record Academy lists the restaurant as the “World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s” that is three floors tall and covers 19,000 square feet and attributes a 30-foot-tall image of Ronald McDonald at the entrance.

VisitFlorida.com says purchasers can order the classic menu factors along with “panini sandwiches, pastas, fresh baked pizza, ice cream and gourmet cakes and specialty breakfast like the Ham &amp Cheese French Toast and Belgian Waffles.”

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